What started out as just a dream idea I had to surprise my husband of 5 years on our anniversary with a Vow Renewal, was actually a dream come true, with the help of Rev Susan! From the moment I contacted her via email, she was immediately helpful to me, from determining what service I may be interested in, flexibility determining my dates, and even helping me determine how to make this a SURPRISE for my husband. We pulled it off! What a beautiful surprise it was to him to have Rev Susan marry us on our favorite place, Siesta Key Beach near sunset on that beautiful October Sunday! We were a bit nervous, not sure what we wanted or to expect and she made us feel at ease with a beautiful ceremony and keepsake gift! We couldn’t have asked for a more appropriate intimate ceremony for just the two of us! Thank you for giving us such a lovely ceremony for two very nervous people who wanted to re-commit to each other our love and commitment. You are someone we hope can be a lifelong friend! ~Robin and Mike

“Good morning! We just wanted to say thank you for our beautiful wedding. We couldn’t have chosen anyone more wonderful to do it. We’ll send the pictures when we get back. I was wondering if it’s possible to get the vows that we said to each other. They’re perfect and covered everything we wanted to say and so beautiful.  Again, thank you so much.” ~Amanda and Nick

“Just a brief note to again thank you for conducting such a beautiful ceremony for us all on the Siesta Key Beach. It was a truly a moving and emotional service and we are so glad that you were part of it for us. I  wanted to say an extended thanks on behalf of us all. Many thanks for forwarding the service to us. It was lovely to be able to re-read it and share it with our children. It was a truly memorable occasion and one that we will never forget. We feel blessed to have met you and again thank you for giving us such a personal  occasion to remember forever. Many grateful thanks.” ~Shane and Andrew

“Thank-you again for the lovely ceremony you did for our wedding. We are saving it and hope to use it if we ever re-new our vows… at the same place and of course with our favorite Rev. Susan.” ~Evelyn and Frank


“Thank-you for sharing your special talents and services with us on our special day. The vows you wrote were perfect.” ~John and Linda


“Everything was beautiful and all of our guests also loved the ceremony. It was a pleasure having you as such an important part if our special day.” ~Jay and Michelle


“Thank you for making our wedding day even more perfect. You looked gorgeous in your dress, like an angel.” ~Rachel and Craig


“Thank you so much for officiating our wedding ceremony.  Everything was beautiful…and you were right – no rain.  All of our guests also loved the ceremony.  It was a pleasure meeting you and having you as such an important part of our special day.” ~Joy and Michele


“You were such a blessing to us – you helped to make “our day” really special!  Hope all is well your way – life is treating us very well here!” ~Heater K


“Thank you for making our day special.” ~Ned and Tonya R


“Thanks so much for all your work and beautiful words! We will always remember you in our prayers.” ~Hugo and Carly


“Can’t thank you enough for the beautiful ceremony and guidance you provided us.  Several guests asked us if you would preform ceremonies in Buffalo, NY! We’d also like to wish you love and peace in your upcoming wedding!” ~Heather and Daniel


“Thank you so much for making our wedding so special.  The ceremony was beautiful!” ~Debbie and Andrew


“Thank you so much for being such a big part of our special day.  The ceremony was beautiful – thanks to you.  We loved it.  We have our beautiful shell displayed in our living room by one of our pictures.  It is very special! Thank you for it.  We will be sending photos soon. All our gratitude!” ~Amy and Cory


“Scott and I just wanted to thank you once again for officiating oru wedding!  We had such a wonderful time and are so happy that everything went so well!!  We greatly appreciate everything you did for us?  I will send you some pictures soon.  I have to get them in my computer first!  Things have been pretty hectic since we got home, but hopefully things will calm down now and I will have some time to play on the computer!” ~Scott and Heather


“We want to thank you for the beautiful ceremony at our wedding at the Beach House in Anna Maria Island on September 4th.  Everyone has complemented us on the wedding ceremony.  You were so great to work with and we would recommend you services to anyone. I also want to thank you for being so accommodating with all our requests. We will send you some pictures as soon as we get them from the photographer. Thanks again for the beautiful ceremony.” ~Maria and JC


“Thank you for taking part in our special day!  We are so glad to have met such a lovely person and we appreciate everything you have done for us!” ~Tracy and Dirk


“Dick & I want to thank you for such a wonderful service.  Your warmth and caring just added to our special day.  The entire day could not have been any bette.  Nancy was also great.  You were absolutely correct about the quality of her work.” ~Pat and Dick


“I wanted you to have this photo.  We finally got them back a week ago.  I will always remember how special our small ceremony was and how lovely it was made by your blessings.  Thank you so much for making our memories so wonderful!” ~Elisabeth and Scott


“How are you?  Daniel and I want to thank you for such a lovely ceremony at the Sandbar-despite the weather everyone had a wonderful time and we’re honored that you could marry us.  Several people commented on what a great job you and JB and all the staff at the Sandbar did, so well in fact that my sister in law is now looking for an interfaith minister to perform she and her fiance’s wedding next summer.  My mom mentioned that you had friends and associates in the Buffalo area and we’re actually wondering if you can recommend anyone to us.

Again, thank you for the beautiful ceremony and my mother in law and I look forward to hearing from you in regards to an officiant in this area.” ~Heather


“We are home from our trip (it was so much fun) and I wanted to Thank You so much for giving us such a memorable ceremony.  Even though it was so cold it was still so beautiful.  I hope you like this picture – it’s one of our favorites.  Thank you again for a very special day.” ~Tina and Bob


“This is Nikki, you married Paul & I this past May.  I have been meaning to write to you to thank you for performing our ceremony, we have had so many compliments on how beautiful it was, so Thank You very, very much. We are settling into married life very well and are pleased to say things are a lot less hectic now after the madness of the wedding is over. I have attached some pictures for you to see.  Again, thank you so much for everything.” ~Nikki and Paul


“Thank you for marrying us on Valentine’s Day and mailing in our license.  We received to official copy.  We wanted a fun wedding and we’re glad to hear that everyone had a great time at the wedding.  Enclosed are some pictures to enjoy.  If you ever come to St. Augustine for a visit we are close by and you can stay with us.  You are always welcome.” ~Erik and Nancy


“Kim and I would really like to Thank You for the wonderful ceremony…we are so glad we went with you versus a JP.  We now have many wonderful memories to carry with us the rest of our lives.  Would it be possible to get a copy of the ceremony itself? Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, we were still waiting for our pictures to reach us but then I thought of the fact that Gay was going to send you copies. Again we thank you for all. Our Love to you and yours.” ~Al and Kim


“Thank you so much for the wonderful wedding ceremony you performed for us.  We both felt the words that you used in the ceremony were beautiful and very touching.  We loved the unity sand ceremony and the shell and the sand that goes with it is a lovely reminder of our very special day.  We also were particularly touched by the children’s ceremony.  It was lovely to have all of the children involved with such an important event for us as a family. Overall it was a day that we will always remember with very fond memories.  Again, thank you very much.  I enclosed a couple of photos of our special day.” ~Dawn and Kevin


“Thank you so much for doing our wedding ceremony and being part of our lives.  You are a treasure.” ~Pam and Ron


“Thank you for helping make this day a special one for us.  We appreciated you willingness to work through email and to allow us flexibility in the ceremony plan.  It has been great meeting you.” ~John and Sara


“Thank you very much for your lovely contribution in making out wedding celebration so memorable.  We were also very happy that you also celebrated with us on our happy day.  See you after our return from our honeymoon in Copenhagen.” ~Teresa


“We promised we’d send pictures so here you are!  Thank you so much for helping to make our day wonderful.  Everyone thought the ceremony was beautiful.” ~Janell and Mike


“A picture as promised! Thank you again for performing our wedding ceremony.  Everything was jus perfect!” ~Greg and Jackie


“Thank you so much for officiating at our wedding!  It was nice to have someone marry us that cared as much as you.  Also, thank you for recommending Nancy for our pictures!  They are beautiful.” ~Mr and Mrs Brad S


“Thank you so much for the beautiful ceremony and for throwing in the fabulous sunset and double rainbow.  We’ll send pics when they’re ready.” ~Jim, Nikki and Matt


“We wanted to say thank you for performing such a beautiful wedding ceremony for us.  Everything worked out perfectly.  You made a long distance transaction so easy and uncomplicated.  Your calm demeanor was relaxing yet refreshing, although it didn’t kee me from crying through the whole ceremony. Again, thanks and all the best life has to offer.” ~Mike and Lori


“Thank you for doing such a lovely job at our wedding!!! People are still saying how beautiful it was.  They really liked the fact that Noelle was included in the service.  You truly made our day even more special that I have dreamed. I have enclosed some pictures taken by the photographer.  I hope you like them. God Bless.  Our thanks and love. ~Joane, Rob and Noelle


“We cannot thank you enough for such a beautiful ceremony.  it was great to finally meet you.  Here are a few more pictures to add to your collection! Thank you so much.” ~George and Jaime


“Thank you so much for being our officiant for our wedding.  It was a blessed day.  We’re so lucky to have found you, you performed a beautiful ceremony. We will always remember this day.  Thank you!” ~Melissa and Geoff


“Michael & I could not be more grateful to God for putting a wonderful soul  like you in our lives!  From the beginning I felt we had a special connection.  It was an absolute pleasure to work with you.  The beautiful ceremony you put together and your gracious ways mad this experience so special.  You hold a very special place in our hearts for getting us started in our life together.  We look forward to keeping in touch with you and visiting whenever we come to Siesta key – which will be often!” ~Jamie and Michael


“Paul & I are so happy to be married at Siesta Key on this beautiful day.  Thank you for presiding over our wedding, especially on such short notice!” ~Karen and Paul


“Thank you for being a wonderful art of our wedding on Anna Maria Island.  I had a serious case of nerves the whole week and you were a welcome, calming presence. Chris & I thoroughly enjoyed our time with you and we deeply appreciate you having the elements to perfrom our ceremony. With Gratitude.” ~Dawn


“Thank you so much for making our day perfect!  You were just what we had always dreamed of & the ceremony was perfect!  You will always be in our hearts!” ~Chris and Megan


“Thank you so very much for making our wedding day a day full of beautiful memories.  We were so very happy that you joined us at our home to celebrate the day.  We feel that we made a new friend on that day and hopefully we will remain in touch and enjoy more days of celebration in the future.” ~Pete and Jam


“Thank you so much for agreeing to perform our wedding ceremony at Phillippi on 10.17.09.  We could not have been more pleased and are enjoying married life.  We will be sure to send a photo when we get them back from the photographer.  Thanks again for being there with us on our special day!” ~Tyle and Jeff


“Thank you for a beautiful wedding ceremony and being a part of our perfect day.  Luckily, the weather was on our side.  I hope you had a good time.” ~Val


“Thank you for being a part of our special day.  You made our ceremony beautiful.” ~Jim and Val U


“Thank you for officiating at our wedding.  We appreciate your kindness and the services that went into making our ceremony memorable.  We just wanted to extend our thanks again to you.” ~Michael and Ashlea


“Hello! Just a short note to thank you again for the lovely ceremony you did for our wedding.  We are saving it and hope to use it if we ever re-new our vows!  Of course at the same place & of course with our favorite Rev. Susan! It was a perfect day, a perfect ceremony and we will never forget it. I’m enclosing a beautiful picture of us for you to keep as a lovely reminder. Thank you again.” ~Evelyn and Frank


“Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding day.  You’ve helped make it very special!” ~Amy and Scott


“Thank you for your kindness and sharing our special day with us!” ~Melinda and Jim


“Thank you for being such a wonderful officiant and for the beautiful shell.  You truly made our wedding special.  The entire event was amazing.” ~Cybil and Andy


“On behalf of all the Kludings & Morrisons:

With special thanks for doing such a lovely ceremony fo Krista & Rob’s wedding.  The words, scripture, vows, etc. were all lovely and perfect.  So many of our guests commented how they enjoyed your special touch!  I’m so glad you were a part of our celebration. The kids are on their honeymoon, we’re enjoying their 2 black labs and trying to ease into normal life again. Again, thanks so much for your help.” ~Barbara


“Thank you for being a great part of our wedding.  You did a great job.  We were so glad you came back to celebrate with us.” ~Merlene and Steve


“Thank you once agin for all you did.  You are a light that shines in the darkness.  God BLESSED us by you and I will never forget you and the special time we had…” ~Diane and Jeff


“Dear Rev. Bierker: Thank you so much for making my daughter’s wedding a true, meaningful, magical, memorable, emotional ceremony. I can not say enough as to how we feel very blessed to have had you officiate their marriage vows. Thank you for your professionalism and your friendship with these two young adults. I watch the ceremony over and over again (that was videotaped) and I get teary eyed each time I watch it because it turned out so much more memorable and beautiful with your touch. Thank you again.” ~ Eileen Cammarata


“My husband and I couldn’t of envisioned anything better, the ceremony and beach setting was absolutely beautiful. Rev. Susan was so very helpful on suggesting locations, great with communications and response. She is a wonderful woman filled with charisma and sincerity, we highly recommend her. I knew in my heart she was the right choice 🙂

We met Rev. Susan online, chatted back and forth thru e-mails and had several wonderful phone calls to plan our wedding day. She was very helpful on having many choices on wedding vows and baptism prayers for us to make our own. On our special day we had to make a location change and Rev. Susan helped make it happen. It was wonderful working with such a professional like Rev. Susan.” ~Cindy R


“Rev. Susan married my now husband and myself in March on Palm Island. She met with us on a Sunday afternoon, just to chat and get to know us. Within minutes, we knew she was the perfect person to marry us. We felt like we had known her our entire lives. She had awesome suggestions for our ceremony and still let us add our own twist to the perfect ceremony. She emailed us with ceremony suggestions and made us feel at ease. She traveled out to Palm Island and performed the perfect ceremony. Susan was not only the officiate, she was also part of our families and part of the most ultimate ceremony. . She made our wedding day the most memorable day, more than I could have ever imagined!”